Rel'giah Kire

Once a humble crafter in the dark times, Kire of the Dark wood relished the ability gained through magic. Fascinated by what could be created with so little effort he learned quickly from The Watchers, and soon was regarded as the most gifted mage among his people. Thus the title of Rel'giah (first power) or. King was placed upon him as he represented what elves were capable of. Using his sway over his people, he laid forth a plan to erect a sprawling city around the lake so they may study magic more comfortably. And in just a decade the elves made made their mark on the planet. They transformed the once serene landscape and kush fields, to a cluttered metropolis where everything was born of magic.   Years of advancement and experimentation followed and he watched, pleased, as his people thrived. The arcane addiction was already setting in, however, making the elves crave its energy, needing to draw on the magical influence to accomplish even the most mundane tasks. The elves physical appearances began to sharpen, making their cheek bones more pronounced, their ears elongate, and the eyes began to glow with a soft blue light.   The years of peace would not last, and in a rebellious upheaval, the Rel'giah's only son was kidnapped by a tribe who opposed the use of magic. He sent wave after wave of his trained mages west to reclaim his son, but none of these troops ever returned. On the verge of hysteria, the Rel'giah set out to reclaim his son, but also investigate the disappearance of so many of his mages. What he found was an endless desert past the mountains, but also that being so far from the source of his power had drained him of his energy. Thinking to get some rest before braving the dunes and heat, he tried to create a small shelter, but for the first time since its discovery, magic failed him. He was horrified by the implication and, bolstered by this revelation, returned to his city with a new plan.


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