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The Ravna Flower


The ravna flower is a flower with ice blue petals that is found in the northernmost regions of the Wicked Realms especially around North Hallow, the plants have a short lifespan only living for a year or two then shriveling up and dying. This flower is an especially tasty meal for rats and other small animals so it has evolved to have natural defenses. The flower's dark green stem twists like a slithering snake and it has thorns that secrete an extremely powerful poison that causes temporary paralysis to the animals that try to eat it.    


The flower has evolved to uses sunlight not to just photosynthesize but to also store some of that heat in itself to keep it warm during the night. Because of this, the petals can temporarily warm people up when bit into. Many explorers keep petals on hand in case they get lost and need to stay warm. Many archers will tip their arrows with the poison secreted by the flower so they can capture rather than kill their enemies.    


Long ago when North Hollow was just a small outpost in the north a half-orc explorer and one of the original founders of the settlement Grus went to explore the cave systems in the unexplored mountains next to the camp. One day when Grus was in one of these caves snow fell behind him and sealed the entrance. Luckily Grus saw a small hole in the ceiling while he wasn't able to climb up to it the sunlight from the hole allowed ravna flowers to form. He was able to chew on the petals to keep himself warm and kill and eat the bats in the cave to survive until a search party found him. When he was rescued he brought back some flowers with him to share his discoveries.    

Cultural Significance

To celebrate the new year the people of the icy town of North Hallow will write their wishes for the new year on ravna petals and bury them in the snow. While the flowers are common in the northern parts of the globe the colorful pigments from its petals make the flower a coveted item in the south. During festivals, nobility will wear suits and dresses made with dye from this flower. One myth surrounding the flowers is that wherever the goddess of ice and snow Ledosa walks snow starts to fall and ravna flowers grow in her footsteps.
A drawing of a Ravna Flower field. (Drawn by Me)
Lifespan: 1-2 years
Scientific name: Caeravna Grussus
Geologic Distrubution: North Hallow 
Average Height: 5 inches
Discovered By: Grus 

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Master Monkos
Andrew Booth
13 Mar, 2021 09:33

Wow, really interesting article! I really like the story about Grus, it grounds the flower really nicely in the world.

Creator of the world of Mythia, where writing is magic!
13 Mar, 2021 15:53

Thanks for liking it!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Apr, 2021 11:59

Nice article! This is an interesting flower. I like its ability to store warmth, it's sounds useful, both for the plan and for people :D   You've done a nice drawing of it too! (although you still need to add author credits to say you're the one who did it).   I like the discovery story and the uses you've created for the flowers. It does look like it would make a beautiful dye. Do the petals melt the snow when they are buried under it? Or maybe whether they melt it or not is considered good or bad luck?   Just a small note for the discovery story, it's a bit hard to read right now since you don't have any comma and the sentences are not short.

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6 Apr, 2021 16:31

Nice article! The heat retaining of the plants and the fact that others can use it to stay warm make it a very usefull plant. I like the little culture section you added as well. One note though would be to create more paragraphs in the different sections since no spaces are there currently :)

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9 Apr, 2021 11:05

The myth origin was so neat. I love hearing these little stories, they really help ground the worldbuilding into the world. I love the idea of a plant that stores heat to keep itself warm, and that being able to be used later on. Such a cool flower!

12 Apr, 2021 14:43

Hey Jake! I've really enjoyed the simplicity of how you presented your plant's uses/usefulness with a story, and you put effort into making your own artwork. Good job!

xtremepsy | Ölütanrı
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12 Apr, 2021 22:42

Neat history and usage!