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Pillar City, Skyhold Empire

Pillar City is the capital of the Skyhold Empire and is located in the region of Pillar's Meeting. It is best known for how the city incorporates the massive anciant stone pillars in its location. While the ground does have plenty of homes, shops, and parks, many building are build right into the pillars with strong metal bridges as wide as streets connecting the pillars. Even Skyhold's most bitter foes acknowledge that the city is a beutiful wonder of engineering.


The cities inhabitants are divided into your typical class system at first. Wealthy and Noblemen are at the top (though in this case not always litterally), the Poor citizenry and non-citizenry are at the bottom. With the nobles and the rich taking up around 2% of the population, the poor and non-citizen's taking up around 20% with Merchants, Craftsmen, and other midle classes filling out the rest. Things get a bit more complicated when roi type populations come into play: With there being a 90% chance of a person being born with one of the four common roi types. The last ten percent is for the rare few that are born Eitherists or people with an element that doesn't fall into the normal four elements. Because Eitherist usually have elements that do not fit perfectly with a society that requires one to have a more common element like water or earth, Eithersts usually end up in the lower economic classes.   Things get more complicated when roi comes into the picture


The Government is technically an Imperial Monorchy. However postions of power are given to those who are exceptionally skilled at roi usage. The City is home to the Skyholdian Empress but she is of course not in charge of the capital directly. Instead variuse city lords have run the city. While most were Nobles, a few have been common citizens who had exceptionally skilled roi users.   The City Lords however can be overruled in some cases by the collective power of the Guilds.


The city has many barriors both artifical and natural. The Mountains make it hard for large armies to move quickly or in unexpected ways. A strong military presence in the area due to the presence of the Empress make direct attacks difficult. A presigius roi user academy creates a reserve force of workers and combatants for desperate situations.

Industry & Trade

Farming and Mining are the cities primary exports. Pillar's Meeting goat meat and milk is highly valued throughout the Wheel. Skilled craftsmen and Artisans also make their home here and Cities marvelous engineering feats have made it the hub for architects and engineers.


Pillar City owes much of its economic success to its Engineering Guild. Irregation machines hydrate the rich farms, Strong bridges and elevators connect the city at all angles. Intricate plumbing and sewage system is a bit overly reliant on water roi users but is still inpressive in its complexity and effectiveness (though every now in then sewage does rain down from the sky.

Guilds and Factions

A collection of Guild for differnt areas of work (Engineering, Art, Scholarship, Science, Mining, Farming, etc.) control most of the cites economic powers. The military keeps order in the city and the criminal underworld works to avoid and take advantage of that order. A few anti-imperial resistance groups are also present in the city but have little influence.


The stone pillars were sculpted through dedicated roi usage thousands of years ago by the ancestors of Skyhold. While the reason for being made has been long forgotten they were made into buildings only a few centuries ago when Skyhold became an imperial power and absorbed the surrounding city states. While the city has withstood invasions, conquests, plagues, and famine, it always (and the people believe it will continue too) returns to the hands of Skyhold.


The architecture is steampunk in style. pipes and wires criss cross the pillars along bridges and walls. Most of the architecture is designed in such a way that all four elements are nearby in some form or anouther. There are even pipes with special tracks on them that double as a kind of transportation system. By using roi, a person can get on special car on the track, link themselves to running water, electicity, the solid pipe itself or even the air around them and use one of those elements to carry them to a destination.
Alternative Name(s)
Skyhold's Throne.
five million
Inhabitant Demonym
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