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Artemis's Gear

Arty's outfit

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Scrapped together pieces of clothing that's developed with the young huntress, Artemis. The loincloth is made of a thin leather material and painted with red pokeweed berry dye and painted with whatever paints one could find. Her shirt is a worn old tank top that is near tattered but still holds. Her leggings, old horseback riding pants the leather inner calf patches peeling with wear. Artemis hasn't ridden a horse before but the patches work well when climbing trees. The lightweight nature of her hip bags and ability to change belt pouches on the fly is perfect for Arty to remain adaptive in the wasteland.    If she gets cold all she needs to throw on is her fur shouldered duster. The duster is made up of a canvas military jacket with strips of fabric running down towards the ground to protect the user's legs from the rain with a jean fabric hood. It's shoulders are lined with rabbit fur.

Manufacturing process

The loincloth is hand made by Artemis but the other clothes are salvaged from her surroundings or traded for. One should not be above wearing scraps or they will be hard pressed for clothes in the hard wasteland.


The loincloth is extremely sacred for Arty as she often paints her favorite constellations and things on it. They often depict birds and the constellation Orion's Belt.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
One of a kind.
Raw materials & Components
Linen and cotton fabrics for her tank top. Leather and cotton leggings with a touch of spandex that's been long stretched out. Leather and canvas fabric for her loincloth-skirt.
Hand needles, cotton thread, whatever scraps of material you can find, patience, and resourcefulness.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
7 May, 2021 09:54

Nice article :D I like the significance of the loincloth to her. How did she get the leather for it since she sewed it herself? Did she maybe cut it from something like a jacket? I imagined finding unused leather would be somewhat difficult but I might be wrong. You didn't mention underwear. What is she wearing? She would need something like a sport bra.

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10 May, 2021 01:36

She does wear a sports bra, as I felt like going into the underclothes bit would be a lil too in depth. I believe she'd have scavenged or traded for the leather as due to the loincloth having such a significance to her.

8 May, 2021 20:49

Nice read! I like how the outfit is already somewhat lived through and pieced together. The loincloth is a nice addition as well which gives a more unique vibe. Did she first make it and later paint it with the stuff she could find?

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10 May, 2021 01:34

Yeup! She paints it with paint leftover from before the fall or any pigment she can get.

24 May, 2021 21:56

This is so cool. :D I love the detail that Artemis paints details of constellations on the loincloth.

3 Jun, 2021 14:02

Quite the nice article! I like how the outfit feels very lived in and worn, while still serving a functional and sentimental purpose of course.   I am curious though, when it comes to the loincloth, how large it would be? If she’s able to paint her favorite constellations or things on it often, is it big enough to fit them all, or does the paint just fade/wash away?

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11 Jun, 2021 03:11

The loin cloth runs from her hips to her ankles. It being a cosplay piece I have torn corners off from nearly tripping while going up steep inclines, haha. The paint does fade and when that happens just slap more stars on it.

3 Jun, 2021 17:38

My only question is if this outfit was thrown together or made by the person. It's really interesting, and I would like to know more in the future! I would also like a few more details on the outfit. Are there cuts from monsters or mutants or anything that she has fixed or what is the fur on the fur duster made of? Love to know, 10/10!

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11 Jun, 2021 03:10

Some pieces were made, like the loin cloth; while the more complicated bits like the leggings and tanktop were scrapped together or scavenged. There are a few cuts on the duster and the fur is from rabbits or other small game.