WorldEmber Pledge Document
December 2020
List of articles that I would like to create during the WorldEmber event. Most are related to my WIP, The Wellspring Dragons Book 3, The Glass Volcano. The topics are varied and were chosen based upon their importance to the series. I'm basically using the event as impetus to get new content up before the book comes out.


  • **Oritan** COMPLETED
    • Oritan is the main setting for book 3
  • Rakan
    • Create article on Sikode's homeland
  • Soline
    • Create an article about Shiobe's homeland. Already have more than a stub, but would like to finish it during event.


  • ** Ceten** COMPLETED
    • Oritan climber who leads Shiobe and Sikode into the Glass Volcano
  • **Eliozhe** Completed
    • siojhetioh who fled the bloodmages
  • **Kshn** COMPLETED
    • young Imp Shiobe saves in book 2
  • Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak
    • yay dragons
  • **Loreval** COMPLETED
    • Loreval is the Artiste of the Monarch's Claws
  • Meorow / Zhelij
    • twilight being captured by bloodmages
  • Stchn
    • Healer Imp, Kshn's older brother

Dragon Lairs

  • Glass Volcano
    • Home of Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak
  • The Wellspring (The Well)
    • The Wellspring is the home of Gada Kiore, the Earth Mother Dragon

Magick Orders

  • Bloodmages
  • Conjurers
  • Lightartisits
  • Shadowartists


  • **Myth of Velvynis** COMPLETED
    • Myth concerning Aseris's first attempt at creating a world
  • The Bane
    • Myth of the Bane, the unlivable forest
  • **The Five Dragon Families** COMPLETED
    • Origins of the world: Five Dragon Families helped Aseris create a second sphere


  • Dragonpriests
  • **Religion** COMPLETED
    • an overview of religious practice on Seari
  • **Sylfaone: Aseris** COMPLETED
  • **Sylfaone: Ceaque** COMPLETED
  • Sylfaone: Nhikenek / Temberest
  • Zofotha
    • people who lived 6000 years ago and whose religion has influenced bloodmages



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