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Twilight Mists

Twilight Mists

by Shanda Nelson
The twilight mists are a realm layered between twilight and the sunlit realm which makes travel between the two easier. Created by Ceaque, they are meant to soften transistions from one to the other, though they have many purposes.   The twilight mists are a fully featured realm, with landmasses, flora and fauna, waterways, all within a soft and inviting mist. Days brighten, nights darken, but the mists never receed. It is a realm of inbetween, not light, not dark. It is a realm of secrets, a reflection of Ceaque.
Most human wielders think of the mists as a transportation hub and never bother to explore the lands it cloaks, though there is much they could learn from doing so. The twilight mists hold the keys to a number of wieldings and castings, but much of this is through accidentaly discovery, without the intensive study needed to truly understand why a spell works a certain way. Some religious orders claim this is purposeful, because Ceaque desires it that way. They further contend that to know the twilight mists is to know sylfaodolon, and that is forbidden knowledge for humans.   In truth, the twilight mists are a magickally complicated realm that requires an intensive study, and most mystery artists find other scholarship far more lucrative.   Listed below are some, but hardly all, uses for the twilight mists.
by Shanda Nelson
by Shanda Nelson

  Wielders use kick-portals to quickly travel across long distances. Each wielder has a range to their kick-portals, so some can travel further than others. All, however, use the twilight mists between the two portal doorways to shorten the transition area. Despite intensive study, scholars are still uncertain exactly how the mists provide a short "hallway" between portals (the hallway is basically the length of a human stride).   Because of the military uses, many countries pay researchers to delve into the mechanics. If a kick-portal could be held open for the length of time it would take to transfer a military force from one place to another, without the danger of the portal collapsing and trapping people in the void or cutting off supplies and reinforcements, that country would have a huge advantage over the enemy. Kick-portals, however, are easy to interfere with even when shielded, and can only be held for a limited time before they naturally collapse. Researchers believe this is a by-product of employing the twilight mists, but no definitive concensus has been reached.
by Shanda Nelson

  This poorly-understood discipline utilizes the twilight mists to cushion a summoned creature's arrival from twilight and into the sunlit realm. It is superficially the same mechanism employed by kick-portals, but the target is normally an uwilling participant.   Few conjurers write down exactly how they accomplish the feat, and usually only pass down their secrets to their apprentices. While it is known that a conjurer's probe reaches through the mists to target a creature, how they find their target is a mystery, and how they grab it and bring it through the mists doubly so.   It is even odder, that conjurers tend to have difficulty creating a normal kick-portal, considering the similarities with summoning.

  Fantasizers use the twilight mists as a way to link the trigger words of their images to the medium on which the image is attached. The technical aspects have been lost to history, which is why modern fantasizers, while they produce beautiful works of art, cannot attain the realism that was possible in the past. Because of this, some scholars consider fantasizing a dying art, though do not tell fantasizers that.
by Shanda Nelson

  Healers employ the mists instinctively. It allows them to look through a person's outer shell and into the recesses of the body, and provides a way to magnifiy healing sight. As with most things related to the twilight mists, it is poorly understood but used extensively, especially by healers associated with the Dark Abyss.

  Many orders believe their prayers and communications with their deity are transferred through the twillight mists, which behave as a transition medium in the same way they do for kick-portals.   Sylfaodolon use the mists to allow easy transistions between their platforms and their demenses. Platforms reside in the sunlit realm, whereas the demenses are in Arberiss, and soothing the transistion between is necessary for humans to become aclimated to the divine realm.   Lost spirits sometimes wander through the twilight mists looking for the Abysses and their promised peaceful eternity. Religious orders claim that those who must suffer for trangressions in life end up lost in the mists, and most sylfaodolon do not correct this mistake.
by Shanda Nelson


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