The Wellspring Dragons series

The Wellspring Dragons series follows the adventures of Shiobe and Sikode and their quest to discover and master dragons   Books 1, 2 and 3 available in Kindle format.  
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Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1
  Excerpt, Chapter 1: Shiobe   Trusting a spy is ludicrous. Shiobe knows this. She has read numerous histories, stories and dragon myths that expound on the dangers of such folly. But when handsome Sikode gives her a tip concerning the killing of two hapless Lower City criminals outside her door, her curiosity takes control and she investigates. Her inquisitive nature, honed by years spent in scholarly pursuits, leads her to the dark and deadly underbelly of Iova and into the clutches of a merchant slave ring. Her dark, stifling life becomes an animated adventure as she battles revengeful silversmiths, conjurers, and deadly twilight creatures. She believes she has finally discovered her personal sunrise, one that will illuminate her path to becoming a legendary swordswoman, but unexpected troubles involving Sikode’s disappearance, an undercover shadowwalker on the take, and personal betrayals present dangers she cannot elude. As the foreboding fog of despair threatens, she wonders if a hapless freelance fighter and translator with no wielding ability can survive to enjoy her dreamed-for, glorious dawn.
Trouble in Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2
  Excerpt: Chapter 1: Saving a Sylfaone   Trusting a spy is ludicrous. Shiobe knows this, but takes a chance on Sikode and the bright, life-changing dawn awaiting her in the country of Merren. Her gamble pays well; she discovers dragon images magickally hidden within ancient maps. Intrigued by the realistic depictions, King Shiel of Illena agrees to sponsor a quest to enter the lair of Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak, and find the legendary dragon’s magickal artifact—one that, supposedly, controls the great beast. Sikode has dreamed of mastering dragons since childhood, and Shiobe hopes she can realize her own aspiration of becoming a legendary swordswoman while helping him achieve his goals.   Nothing progresses as smoothly as she anticipates. Rebels, assassins and bloodmages become pressing problems she and Sikode cannot ignore while they travel the dangerous roads to the Glass Volcano. Sikode claims that unexpected adventures are part of legendary quests, but Shiobe wonders if theirs will end before it even truly begins.
The Glass Volcano: The Wellspring Dragons Book 3
NOW AVAILABLE in Kindle Format

Excerpt: Chapter 1: Arrival   The Glass Volcano. The Black-shine Mountain. Jo khade maja. Vedellesse Sava. All refer to the lair of Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak. Shiobe and Sikode have arrived at the mythic Seari monument, their goal to find a way inside, defeat dragon-created trials, and reach the Flame Stone, the artifact of the legendary beast. Sikode has dedicated his life to defeating the magickal challenge held within the object and becoming a dragonmaster, the first in a thousand years. Shiobe, with her historical knowledge of the volcano, vows to help him succeed.   Luckily, a local climber, Ceten, knows about a secret entrance and will lead them inside the mountain. Unluckily, complications arise to make traversing the already dangerous lair more difficult. Kitta and Rien, Shiobe’s ex-friends from the Soline royal court, vie for the stone. They believe it is an ancient, abandoned dragonpriest artifact that will help them protect their country from a potential Illenan invasion. Following in their wake are bloodmages who want to capture Shiobe. She still possesses the sylf-blessed river rock she stole from them, and they want it back, at any cost.   Shiobe realizes the bloodmages will hound her until they attain their prize and return it to its purpose of magickally imprisoning the butterfly sylfaone she stumbled upon in the twilight mists. Their success seems guaranteed because of the personal involvement of their deity. She and Sikode believe a dragon fighting with them will overcome the bloodsylf’s touch and help them eradicate the bloodmage threat. They just have to reach the Flame Stone first.  

Blood's Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story

King Shiel invaded neighboring Merren when rumors of bloodmages and sacrifice reached him. In the final push to rid the country of its murderous despot, he has sent Sikode, his premiere wielder and advisor, to discover the corruption hidden in the depths of the Javone palace and destroy it.

This is a Wellspring Dragons short story.  
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