The Italian Secessionist

Led by Brigadier General Leibnizio Abbamonte 20,000 Italian soldiers and accompanying equipment fled Italy across the French - Italian border where they met up with Coalition forces. Brigadier General Abbamonte believed that the Italian government was planning to, "defend killers who pillaged lands" and as such led a small Army out of the country under the cover of night. The entire force was moved from the country in under 10 hours and upon daybreak when his forces were to be moved to reinforce an advancing German detachment his camp was found abandoned. With him he brought not only his soldiers but intelligence papers for the allied forces detailing planned movements that saved countless lives in early attacks during the war.
Italian Secessionist Strength at beginning: 20,000 Men -12,800 Infantry / Support Staff -5,000 Artillery Men / Support Staff -1,500 Cavalry Soldiers / Support Staff -500 Armored Drivers / Support Staff -200 Arditi Troops (Elite Shock Troops) 1,500 Artillery Pieces 1,200 Horses 95 Tanks / Armored Vehicles -35 Ansaldo-Lancia 1ZM -28 Fiat Terni Tripoli -20 Schneider CA Armored Turrets -10 Renault FT Light Tanks -1 Fiat 2000 -1 Calisi War Car (Trench Crossing Armored Vehicle)