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Kantiil Wist Blossom

A one-time invasive species brought to the desolate reaches of the Kantiil system by industrious Ryntryyl during the height of the Colonial Expansion period centuries ago. Kantiil being characterized as it was by fruitless, sandy soil, became perfect nesting ground for the ever-sought after wist which preferred to spread its deep-reaching tap roots in homogeneous solitude, surrounded only by plants of its own species. The general lack of sunlight in the sectors of Kantiil that were inhabitable, and thus farmable, meant that despite the perfect barren soil, the wist at first failed to thrive. However, due to its quick reproductive rates, the wist was able to develop into a verdant sub-strain that unfurled its uv-consuming blossoms during the gloaming hours and kept them open throughout the night. This strain became highly sought after before it was destroyed in the Centralian Cataclysm that wiped out the Kantiil system.

Basic Information


The Kantiil wist blossom followed the baseline structure of all wist plants. Slender stems with a complex vascular system adept at carrying water from great depths up to the furling leaves and characteristic bloom. The "skin" of the plant body came in varying shades of deep blue and purple depending on the pH and nutrient content of the soil directly surrounding them. Leaves turned silvery and eventually fully reflective/chromatic as they die and begin to fall off.

Where the Kantiil strain begins to differ is in the blossom itself. Unlike the generic variety, the Kantiil wist developed buds that bloomed primarily during the darkness, absorbing star's rays off the reflection of moons. Because of the need to conserve any and all available light, their blooms reflect nothing back to the viewers eyes, meaning that the petals present as dark voids with no definition or color.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Like all strains of wist, Kantiil blossoms are highly sought after for their narcotic properties. The Kantiil wist blossom's petals specifically were collected and dried to create a tea that would put the imbiber into a relaxed trance-like state described as "pleasant warmth that's fuzzy around the edges."

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Located only on the Lost System of Kantiil
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Developed as a sub-strain of wist due to geological speciation and environmental pressures.
Conservation Status
With the destruction of Kantiil and the subsequent extinction of the wist blossom, it is unlikely that there will be any resurgence in the species population. Efforts could be undergone in order to artificially reconstruct the strain, but there is little demand do to the survival of other wist sub-species.

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