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Lord of Torenkh

By nature a stone carver who wants nothing more than to be left alone to perfect his craft, this stone giant has been forced into his current role by circumstances beyond his control. Has the ability to absorb raw ores and, after a few days or weeks, eject them in a purified state. It’s not a process he particularly enjoys (it gives him indigestion) so he’s very grateful for the supply of pure sylfvyrin provided by Faolagan, which he happily repays by crafting sylfvyrin jewelry and doodads for the korred. Left to his own devices, he’d be quite content working away in the Crawlings below Torenkh, shaping stone and sylfvyrin and singing to himself in Terran, but on the rare occasions when an Unmoored must be bound, he is the one all eyes turn to. Although he hates doing it – even more than he hates refining ores, or working with dubhstyl – and procrastinates as much as possible, eventually he accepts that his method of binding is the most reliable and least likely to cause complications, and resigns himself to his duty for these reasons if no others. The means by which he accomplishes the binding is a bit of a mystery but involves him leaving his caves and “sleepwalking” on the dreaded surface. Even underground he’s somewhat scatter-brained and prone to unprovoked laughter, but on the surface his dreamy nature is exponentially more pronounced. Still, as much as he purports to loathe the forest, those who are surprised by him silently gliding between the trees during one of these somnambulistic sojourns always comment on how comfortable and at home he seemed. But if they mention this to Grunvonin himself when they see him next, he’s likely to grumble something in Terran and dismiss it with a shrug before returning to his work.   Although the Court of the Unmoored isn’t exactly popular in Torenkh, Grunvonin is the exception, due to his long history there, his gentle nature, and his unconcealed disdain for the Court of which he is nominally a part. The locals see him as theirs first and the Court of the Unmoored’s a distant second. Also, further endearing himself to the locals, he has zero political ambition. While technically the ruler of Torenkh, he has no interest in governance and leaves all that to his apprentice, Skoln.

Stone giant
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Court, skiltgravr
Biological Sex
Random tufts of moss and vegetation
12 ft.
1500 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Court of the Unmoored

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