The Blue Salmon

Located in the Thomaston dome on Challa, the Blue Salmon the inn that serves the Class C starport of this world. At least 40 different species are available for purchase and prepared in a variety of manners fitting just about any cuisine imaginable. Prices for at least half of the current menu are maintained at a moderate level to encourage turnover. What helps keep the prices moderate is the tanks that house the live species that are served. There is no frozen or dried food and all is prepared fresh. Of course, specialty and high preparation dishes are priced accordingly.   Interestingly, despite it's location on a dry world, the Salmon specializes in the cuisine from many different worlds that supply various aquatic based proteins and plants.  

Owner and Staff

Forna Tricin is the current owner and manager of The Blue Salmon. She is a retired Scout and has personal knowledge of many of the species that come from worlds that she visited.  

Tavern Fins (rumors)

  • The Blue Salmon was originally built by gangsters as a way to launder profits from illegal activities.
  • The Blue Salmon still has secret rooms where illegal transactions are conducted while enjoying the the exotic cuisine.
  • The owner uses her contacts to sell a hallucinogenic drug that is a by-product of the silicon mining.
  • Several of the staff are deserters from the navy.
  • Humans are used as bait and food for some of the larger animals.


The structure is large and houses many tanks where customers are able to see the different types of plants and animals in a near native environment. Customers are able to sit near the species they will be eating, or they can walk around the building, selecting the various foods, and then dine in any area with views that display the various creatures and plants.


The Blue Salmon was founded by some retired robot mining repair technicians who pooled their savings and created a place for locals and spacers to mix. Early on they found that with the desert conditions, they could make a niche market by featuring aquatic food at a reasonable price.


While the Blue Salmon does it's best to maintain reasonable prices, it also attracts patrons that visit the recreational and tourist attractions located near the gas giants of Challa . Many of the ships bringing tourists to the gas giants will include a stop at the main world for tours of the mines and a visit to The Blue Salmon.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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Mar 20, 2022 23:33 by Angantyr

The place feels mesmerising and pretty chill. A place I would gladly spend some time now and then. The fresh produce (courtesy of the tanks) is a great idea. It sets the mood, but it gives the restaurant additional levels of education and leisure (the aquatic lifeforms'slow and smooth movements would have a soothing effect).   I find it sad that the place does not attract tourists, especially foodies that would be willing to travel long distances to spend time in an aquapark zoo/restaurant in the middle of a desert. It feels like such an excellent Micheline-star restaurant but in space. :D Why is it so? Is the food not good enough, or is the restaurant fame not widespread yet?   Thanks for a satisfying read!

Playing around with words and worlds
Mar 21, 2022 14:51

Ha! I don't know! :). This is the beauty of collaboration, you've made me question what I wrote and I think I've come up with something much more interesting. Stay tuned, but I think the Challa system will be transforming and will make the Blue Salmon a "don't miss" part of the experience.

Mar 26, 2022 13:28 by Michael Chandra

I'm a sucker for a good front business. Often they make for the best restaurants, because they can afford to focus on their passion and not have to cut too many corners.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Mar 27, 2022 22:39

Love the crime den implied by the Tavern Fins sections (BTW LOVE that header even more!)   Great Article!   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

Mar 29, 2022 21:47

A Good article all round. The idea of seafood cuisine on a Desert planet is great, and you get to see sea life swimming about while dining, what could be better.   You deserve a Like/Fave from me.   Aemon