The Baron's Confirmation


The Baron's Confirmation is a tradition whereby the leader of a world is recognized by the Grand Duke of the Welcome to the Virgo Cluster. The tradition dates to some of the earliest times in the cluster when world leaders were strictly following the guidance of the sector government using a feudal type system.


Once a world has selected, by whatever means that individual world selects or is required to select, and petitions the Grand Duke for the confirmation, then the individual appears before the Grand Duke and is invested as a Baron of the Cluster. In order for the ritual to occur, there must be at least five Barons present as witnesses, along with the Sector Duke. Quadrant Archdukes sometimes attend, but are not required to. The Baron elect's name is called and they will be taken in front of the throne of the Grand Duke. An oath of fealty is sworn by the new Baron as the Grand Duke's sword is pressing against the Baron's left breast, right near the heart. After the oath is given, the Grand Duke then taps the sword on the crown (which is worn from the beginning of the ceremony) once, signifying their acceptance of the oath. The Grand Duke returns to their throne and the new Baron is led away.

Components and tools

The physical items required for this ritual are a Baron's crown and the sword of the Grand Duke.


The new Baron and the Grand Duke are the main participants of the ceremony.


The Baron's confirmation is usually held twice per year, once in the first quarter and once in the third quarter of the year. The list of Barons to be confirmed is promulgated throughout the Cluster and is usually considered a holiday on the world the Baron is in charge of.
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