Noble Ranks of the Virgo Cluster

The noble ranks observed in the Virgo Cluster are similar to those found in the Imperium. There are a couple of exceptions, however. One is that all land owning ranks are hereditary. Changes to those who hold titles and are recognized by the Emperor come from either some type of conflict, an agreement between families, or direct from a higher noble in cases of negligence, wrongdoing, or just plain displeasing the senior noble in some way.   There is another way of attaining a noble rank. On worlds that are balkanized or otherwise have an established and recognized government that is not directly connected to the Emperor, then those leaders will be referred to by their noble rank by those representing the Cluster Emperor. On their own world, they would be referred to by the local verbiage that is accepted among them.   Another way to gain a noble title is to hold high military rank or be attaining a commensurate high position in Civil Service. For instance, flag and general officers will generally be knighted within a couple of years after attaining their rank. For extraordinary service, some may be raised a Baronet, however anything higher than that would typically be made a land grant and become a hereditary title.  

Noble Titles

Emperor - Ruler of the Virgo Cluster
Grand Duke - Ruler of a Sector in the Cluster
Arch Duke - Ruler of a Quadrant within a Sector
Duke - Ruler of a SubSector within a Sector
Marquis - Ruler of a world with a Class A Starport
Earl - Ruler of a world with a Class B Starport
Viscount - Ruler of a world with High Population
Baron - Ruler of a world not ruled by a Marquis, Earl, or Count
Baronet - Ruler of a continent or other large land mass that is part of an individual world
Knight - Ruler of an island, small continent, or large city
Nobility, Hereditary


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