Kanasif Disease

Transmission & Vectors

The disease is transmitted via contamination of the water supply.


The disease is caused by some bad actor introducing the disease usually into the water system of an area. While there are no planet wide infections, this type of biological warfare has been used on a local scale to deal a death blow to the population of an area.


Initially, symptoms manifest as tiredness and general malaise. After about seven days, boils will begin to appear on the skin of those infected.


Currently, there is no treatment for the disease. Except for those who appear as immune for some unknown reason (approximately two percent of a population), it is deadly within approximately 30 days.


Once infected, there is no known cure. All will eventually die once they have become infected. The only way to stop infection is to stop using the infected liquids. The disease seems to become inert after two years and areas previously infected seem to be safe after that time.

Affected Groups

There have been studies conducted when the disease appeared, however there is no definitive information of why about two percent of a population appear to be unaffected or immune to the disease.

Hosts & Carriers

The disease is transmitted through the water system. Studies indicate that person to person or other transmission methods do not work. One has to drink the water (or other affected liquid) over a period of days before becoming infected.


Kanasif is an bio-engineered disease used in bio-warfare. Developed by some experimental biologists, it was never used by the cluster government. However, apparently some did reach the underground arms market and has been seen occasionally. When found, the Grand Dukes have made a maximum effort to find those responsible and ensuring that the spread of the disease is contained as much as possible.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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