Crown of Death

The Crown of Death is a device that is supposed to have been created by a secret research facility at the behest of some disgruntled cluster Barons who wanted to topple the Grand Duke and the leadership hierarchy. No solid evidence of either the science or the plan has surfaced despite several attempts by the Grand Duke to ensure their and their constituents safety.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Interestingly, while the rumor persists, there is no evidence that a fusion device has been made so small. What information has been gathered suggests that several Barons, many generations ago, had put together a secret research facility to provide weapons they could use to take over the Welcome to the Virgo Cluster. Some credible information does exist about the research, but other than a vague notion of which Barons were involved at the time, no investigation has been able to come up with anymore than that.


No one knows the origin of the Crown or whether it even exists. The rumor is that one of the Baron's crowns contains a miniature fusion bomb that could be detonated at one of the Baron's confirmations. Despite several attempts to gather and investigate all of the Baron's crowns, some are missing and some are held by private collections or families and not available, even to the inspectors of the Grand Duke.


It would be a mechanism to topple the leadership of the whole Welcome to the Virgo Cluster.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
One of a kind
4 kilograms
Hat size 7 1/8
Raw materials & Components
An absolutely, terribly small fusion device that could be detonated by some method. The specifics are rather vague although some of the science points to credible research that has yet to bear fruit.


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