Cluster Army Ranks

Virgo Cluster Army Rank Structure

  The Army is responsible for combat operations within the atmosphere (if there is one) and within 20 kilometers of the surface of a planet.  

Commissioned Officer Ranks

  Grand General - Administrative position reporting to a Duke or higher noble. Coordinates support for Imperial Forces within their jurisdiction and may also interface with reserve and local forces.   Colonel General - Commander of an Army Group, which is an organization consisting of multiple Field Armies. It may be administrative, or it may be constituted where large formations are required and coordinated.   General - Commander of a fully battle ready Field Army. An Army is generally the largest operational unit of land and suborbital units. It will consist of both land based and mobile support units and equipment capable of meeting the battle requirements. It will consist of multiple Army Corps along with various other attached units including close "air" support, artillery, psychological, and civil administrative units to control local citizens.   Lieutenant General - Commander of an Army Corps. A unit consisting of multiple Divisions capable of operating as a coordinated unit.   Sergeant Major General - Commander of an Army Division. Generally considered the smallest independent unit capable of fighting a coordinate battle and consisting of a range of equipment to handle it's own support and defense.   Brigadier - Commander of an Army Brigade. A unit of several Regiments.   Colonel - Commander of an Army Regiment. A unit of several Battalions.   Lieutenant Colonel - Commander of an Army Battalion. A unnit of several companies.   Major -    Captain - Commander of an Army company. Lowest grade that is referred to as a command officer.   Lieutenant -    Altern -   

Enlisted Ranks

  Master Sergeant of the Army -   Command Master Sergeant -   Master Sergeant -   First Sergeant -   Leading Sergeant -   Sergeant -   Lance Sergeant -   Corporal -   Lance Corporal -   Private First Class -    Private -


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