Biographical Sketch of Rez Tholis

Captain Rez Tholis

Rez Tholis was born in space, on board a naval ship. His family had served the Empire for many generations, mostly in the Navy although with a sprinkling in the other armed or diplomatic services. Rez was smart and a quick study and easily gained admission to the Westholm Naval Academy where he graduated with honors.   His first assignments were as astrogation and engineering officer aboard a cruiser. He then attended flight school and was assigned as a fighter/intercepter pilot on a carrier. After a couple more years as an orbital defensive fighter pilot, he was then assigned to another carrier as a flight lead.   The carrier battle group he was assigned to was given the task of cleaning up a large pirate organization hidden deep within a large asteroid belt in a system that has never been named publicly. For the public details of his deeds, reference Citation for the Saint Michael Nova awarded to Rez Tholis .    As a reward for his heroism, Rez was nominated and awarded the Saint Michael Nova, the Empire's highest award for heroism. This award is only given by the hand of the Emperor. Since it would take nearly a year to take Rez from his current assignment area to the Emperor and back, the High Grand Admiral for Westholm assigned a battle cruiser along with a couple of support ships to transport Rez and a whole group of officers who were to take the Commander's course (middle military course for preparing officers for individual ship command). This was seen as a practical way to hold the annual course and allow Rez to travel.    Upon Rez's return to the fleet, he was assigned as a squadron operations officer onboard a carrier. While Rez was dedicated to his task, he resented the time away from his fleet and family, and another life changing event occurred that set the path Rez was currently on.    His uncle (mother's brother) owned a small shipping firm and was a Free Trader. His ship was attacked by pirates and the crew was killed, but the local authorities were able to salvage the ship. Rez had been named as the beneficiary of his uncle's inheritance as his uncle had no other family and had maintained a close relationship with his nephew. Rez decided that instead of selling off the assets, that he would take ownership and control of the business and ships and become a trader. This gave him the ability to become the master of his career, stay in space, and get away from the resentment he felt towards the Navy.   Rez maintains a reserve commission in the Navy and serves while his ship undergoes normal annual maintenance. Rez maintains a rather tight ship, fair to his crew, does not cut corners on maintenance and maintains a moderate profit margin that is recycled into the company. He also maintains contact with his family, although both his father and grandfather, admirals both, have expressed disappointment at Rez's choice to leave active duty.   He does not maintain a fixed schedule, except that he has his ship's maintenance completed on Westholm. This allows him to serve his reserve time and also visit family while the ship undergoes it's period maintenance. He has taken well to the life of a free trader, understanding the subtleties of cargo buying and selling, passenger transportation, and the occasional special mission that he may do for the The Knights of Saint George .   Rez currently holds a commission in the naval reserve as a Sub Commander and serves as an XO on a destroyer. He has done this for the past two annual tours and expects to receive a new assignment on his next tour.

Physical Description

Body Features

Rez is medium build, medium height, but maintains an excellent physical standard. He will usually work out under at least 1g for 2 hours per day, during which time he will sometimes dictate logs, thoughts on potential trades, or conduct staff meetings or personnel reviews.

Special abilities

Rez is psionic, although only very few people know it. He is not telepathic, so he can't use his gift to read minds and affect his trades or personal interactions, which he would consider a personal violation of privacy in any case.

Mental characteristics


Rez owns a small company consisting of three Free Traders that he inherited from his uncle. He is Captain of one of the ships and rents the other two to trusted employees.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rez graduated from the Naval Academy on Westholm. He is a recipient of the Saint Michael Nova, the highest award for heroism awarded by the Empire. He continues to serve in the Westholm SubSector Naval reserves and holds a commission as a Lieutenant Commander.

Personality Characteristics


Rez was initially motivated by service to the Empire. During his travel to the Emperor to receive his Nova, he became disillusioned that all the time and resources that were wasted just to present him with an award. He greatly missed being on the defensive edge as a battle ready pilot. Although he now realizes the training he received during his year of study for the Commander's School was extremely helpful even in his current situation, at the time he was extremely resentful of what he considered a great waste of his time.
Current Status
Free Trader Captain
34 standard years old
Light blue
Brown, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.85 m
70 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Other Affiliations


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