White Sun System

Astronomical Name: 34Tauri(2020)A
Common Name (Anglo): White Sun
Common Name (Sino): Bai Hu ("White Tiger")
  The Bai Hu system, also known as the White Sun system, is the primary star system of the Verse. At the heart of the system is a massive (40 sol) A0V star known as the White Sun, or Bai Hu, meaning "White Tiger", which serves as the anchor for the entire system. The other stars of the 'Verse are influenced by its immense gravitational pull. Due to the typically short lifespans of A0 stars on the main sequence, it is relatively young, which leads scientists to determine that its companion stars are also relatively early in their stellar evolution.   The White Sun system consists of two gas giants (brown dwarfs) which have since been helioformed, fourteen terrestrial planets, twenty-six terrestrial moons, and one asteroid belt with 78-million cataloged objects. There are hundreds of millions of other objects in the local area, including smaller moons, Lagrangian satellites, comets, and rogue bodies.  


  34 Tauri A was discovered in 2020, along with four other stars and fourteen gas giants nearby. It was located in the southeast quadrant of the constellation of Taurus, some 40 light-years from the Earth-That-Was solar system. As one of many star systems discovered during the mid-21st Century, it was almost forgotten until the ecological collapse of the late 21st. While a vastly different star in size, magnitude, and temperature from the sun, projections indicate that the system could support life.   In the mid-to-late 21st century, after the failure of terraforming on Venus, Mars, and the Moon due to the immaturity of the process along with the lack of natural resources, the first Anglo-Sino Alliance formed. Its initial goal was to establish a colonization program to travel to a new star system. 34 Tauri (2020) was determined as the best candidate that could support habitable worlds and provide the materials necessary to carry out this resource-intensive task.   In the 2200's, robotic terraforming crews arrived in the system. Two primary planets, Londinium and Sihnon, were chosen to be terraformed first, and colonization began. Shortly thereafter, many of the remaining planets of the White Sun system and its large moons were terraformed to support terrestrial life. After successful tests on the gas giant Burnham in the Blue Sun system proved the helioforming process, the two brown dwarfs in the White Sun system were helioformed into artificial protostars in the mid-2200's, thus enabling their larger moons to better support colonization.  

Current Status

The White Sun system is the literally and figuratively the Core of the 'Verse. The duel capitols of Londinium and Sihnon remain the seat of power, influence, culture, wealth, knowledge and technology for all humanity. Osiris hosts the judiciary branch of Alliance government. But all of the planets of the White Sun are comparable in status.


Astronomical Statistics

Stellar Class: A0V
Radius: 2.5 sols* = 1,738,750 km
Mass: 3.2 sols
Luminosity: 80 sols
Temperature: 10,800 Kelvin
  Right Ascension*: 4h 26m 46.58s
Declination*: 16° 24' 40"
distance from Earth-That-Was: 40 light years [disputed]   Bolometric Magnitude: 0.07
Apparent Magnitude*: 0.52
Temperature Color (RGB*): 124, 165, 255
Hill Sphere (radius): 440 AU = 6.58 × 1010 km  

Habitable Zone (HZ)

The Circumstellar Habitable Zone (often abbraviated CHZ or just HZ) is the theoretical limits in which a planet, moon, or other object orbiting a star can support liquid water on its surface, given sufficient atmospheric pressure.

Note: The values here are for a naturally occurring world given the stellar luminosity. In the 'Verse, the artificially manufactured worlds are able to overcome these values due to technological means. This also completely neglects the cumulative effects of the luminosities of the neighboring stars.   Venusian: 6.47 AU
inner "hot" Earth: 7.28 AU
Earth-like: 8.94 AU
outer "cold" Earth: 12.91 AU
Martian: 13.63 AU

Protostars, Planets & Moons

Note: Helioformed protostar dwarfs indicated in all caps.
 Asteroid belts denoted by asterisk (*)
 Capital(s), regional and universal, denoted by ✪
  1. Bernadette
  2. Londinium ✪
  3. Sihnon ✪
    1. Airen
    2. Xiaojie
    3. Xiansheng
  4. Liann Jiun
    1. Tiantan
    2. Fu
  5. Gonghe
    1. Xing Yun
  6. Rubicon
  7. Osiris
    1. Epeuva
    2. Tannhauser
    1. Santo
      1. Tethys
      2. New Luxor
  9. Valentine
    1. Selene
    2. Chons
  10. Bellerophon
    1. Tyrins
    2. Xanthus
    3. Parth
  11. Ariel
    1. Ariopolis
    2. Shiva
    3. Poseidon
  12. Albion
    1. Avalon
  13. LUX
    1. Persephone
      1. Hades
      2. Renao
    2. Pelorum
      1. Kaleidoscope
  14. Dukkah
  15. Ra Amiran
  16. Halo (*)
Alternative Name(s)
Bai Hu (White Tiger)
Solar System
Location under
The 'Verse
Owning Organization
Union of Allied Planets
Settled: 2220
Capital: Londinium, Sihnon (duel shared seats)
Protostars: Qin Shi Huang, Lux
Planets: 14
Moons: 26
Asteroid Belt: Halo
Population: 39,477,459,000

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