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Cambions are mortal descendants of devils. The first Cambions were created when the Night Goddess Lilt freed groups of immortal devils from Elven captivity and made them mortal. The largest faction of Cambions are found in Frosthollow and its surrounding area, where they are guaranteed independence by Lilt.

Basic Information


Cambions are humanoid in body shape. Most Cambions are born with cloven feet, and most adults have curved horns on their heads. Some have wings, which are vestigial and not strong enough to lift their body in flight.

Civilization and Culture


Lifetimes ago, hellish fiends invaded the mortal realm through a site known as the infernal gate. After a long bloody war, the devils were defeated by the Sun Elves. They were pushed back into the gate, and those who stayed behind were eventually captured and enslaved by the elves. They lived as slaves for decades until one night, when the nocturnal goddess Lilt appeared before the devils. She offering them freedom at the cost of having to live mortal lives. Those who accepted the offer were whisked away to the ruined city of Frosthollow, which had long ago fallen in the invasion. There, the devils became the faction known as the Cambions, living in freedom as mortals.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Cambions generally have a strained relationship with other folk, as they are blamed for the damages caused during the Devils' War.


Elves in particular are frequently hostile with Cambions. While they haven't been to war for multiple lifetimes, Elves generally do not trust Cambions. The Frosthollow Cambions are militarily weaker than any Elven nation, and the Elven Coalition would certainly conquer them if it weren't for the goddess Lilt, who has assured Frosthollow the right to independence.


Kobolds and Cambions generally have a more amiable relationship, as the Cambions have access to gems that Koblolds like to eat, and the two factions have historically made good trade between their nations.
70-120 years
Average Height
4ft. to 8ft., average 6ft.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Reds, sometimes blues, violets.

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