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The Vanished

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It's the modern day, not much going on for the regular civilian, life goes on. That's all different in Madagascar and New Zealand, governments told people there is volcanic activity, earthquakes, or some other lies to stop them for questioning it. On those two islands there is a plague, one like no other, instead of infecting and killing the host, it turns them into something else, into "The Vanished", they get deformed, taken over by the disease, hunting for new hosts to either kill or infect. Unfortunately humanity hasn't made a cure yet, not even a vaccine, but they have thought of a way to combat this, a very special and secretive agency. "The Hive Corporation" The Hive Corporation is a very secretive organisation taking in the best scientists and soldiers they can find, specialized training, high-tech equipment and the ruthless leaders make up for an organization to be feared. They go into infected zones, capture things, rescuing survivors and kill The Vanished. Though, they are not the only ones to know about the disease, they have a competitor, "The Church of The Vanished", they try almost everything to destroy Hive Corp and spread the disease, they are the reason the infection is in Madagascar, and they hope to do more.