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The Purified

Public Agenda

  • To reverse the Change and send us all back to the worlds from whence we originally came.
  • To stop the lies of the Revelationists from gaining traction.
  • To end the Revelationist faction -- through conversion or other means.


The Purified are a faction in the Unmade Lands. They started shortly after the Tribulation, as they called the Change, in a church basement. At first they were comprised only of unaltered humans, but as time went on and their message spread, other races began to join.

The Purified hold to one key truth: the change was a Tribulation, it was wrong, and they want to go back to the way things were. They’re “purified” as they are free of the lie of the Revelationists, who believe the change was a Miracle and the way things should be. However, they are forced to work around the way the world is now, and so must use things they find blasphemy to their advantage. This causes psychological schism in many of them.

One might be surprised to hear that there are members of the Purified who are the races that did not exist on Earth before the change. However, their history holds they did exist on an alternate Earth, one free of humans and their influence. The change made the two earths collide, creating the Unmade Lands and forcing the many magical species to live in harmony with the humans.

This history does not hold up to scrutiny, as if you question them about their alternate world, they will tell you that many of the species in the Unmade Lands were not there either. So if they are right about the Change making their world collide with human-dominated Earth, then they are wrong about the numbers. It was not two worlds; it was many.

It is this strong belief by the early members of the Purified that did lead to some race restrictions on who could join. No Undead are welcome, as in neither our old Earth nor their alternate world did the Undead exist. Vampires are also unwelcome.

They’ve tried to recruit the Dire Beasts to their cause, but the animals refuse to join any faction, preferring to remain neutral. The Fae are welcome, but not one has joined (and they have all been very rude about it) — they are hostile to the Purified, and neutral to all else.

The current Purified faction consists of humans, halfings (a human subspecies), orcs, elves (a subspecies of the Fae), trolls, dwarves, gnomes, goblins (another Fae subspecies), and elementals. Humans make up the largest percentage by far, but the other races are quickly growing in numbers.

At first they were hostile to altered humans joining — humans who had body-modifications or augments that would not have fit in either of the earths that the Purified want to get back to — but over time a few have joined, as the Purified is nothing if not a practical faction. Some of those augments are useful.

The past will set us free.

Political, Activist

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