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The Unmade Lands

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The Unmade Lands is familiar to anyone from our Earth, but one would do well to remember that it's different -- and dangerous.

When the Change came -- some called it a Miracle, some a Tribulation -- our Earth collided with other Earths, in different dimensions, and a new world was born.

In the Unmade Lands, humans and orcs work side by side, Dire Beasts rule the forests, and the Fae have taken over New Annwn.

Some technology has broken, while other types have flourished. Magic exists again, and so does the danger that comes with it.

Of course, factions have arisen in this new earth. To the Revelationists, the Miracle brought about the world as it should be. They embrace the Change and will protect it at all costs. To the Purified, the Tribulation was the work of evil forces, and if there is a way to undo it, they will find it.

Which faction will win remains to be seen.