Thomas Boyd

Thomas Boyd

Thomas was born the son of Mitchel Boyd, the founder of Boyd Explorations. From as early as Thomas can remember, his father took him out on dig sites and instilled in Thomas the wonder of the treasures of the Universe. Unfortunately, the lesson of how you could profit off of that didn’t stick with Thomas. His father often complained that Thomas was too timid like his mother.   However, Thomas wasn’t timid, he just didn’t care about making money in that way. He loves knowledge, for knowledge’s sake. He wanted to unearth the secrets of the past to benefit everyone.   Recently, Thomas turned his back on his father and the business. He would make his own way in the world and seek the wonders of the universe.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Desire: Knowledge Your character wishes to uncover knowledge that may have been lost, forgotten, or locked away. This information could pertain to the world, or it could pertain to your character’s past or origins. ——- Thomas’ father was in it for the wealth. Thomas rejected this and realized that for him, it was all about the discovery. He walked away from his father and never looked back.

Virtues & Personality perks

Strength: Adaptable No matter what life throws at your character, they always rise to the challenge. Your character is flexible and can handle nearly every situation, no matter how grim or strange the circumstances. ——- Growing up the son of an explorer/treasure hunter made Thomas survive in a multitude of various situations. One day he may find himself on a space station, while the next may find him on a moon.

Vices & Personality flaws

Flaw: Compulsion This could be addiction, fascination, obsession, or another automatic behavior that is self-destructive or otherwise impedes your character’s ability to function and be healthy. ——- It always fascinates Thomas about what lies beyond the next horizon. He can never stay in one place for long and grow roots. He always has to be searching for the next discovery.       Fear: Obscurity Your character wishes to be remembered after they are gone and works tirelessly to secure their legacy. ——- Thomas wants to be remembered for what he has discovered. He doesn’t want to be forgotten and his life to have been meaningless.

Wander of the Expanse, working from place to place.

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I arrived onto the BB Oppenheimer "Bertha" and met a few of the new crewmen. It's going to be a few days before the shakedown cruise. Getting kinda antsy just waiting here. Wish something would happen soon. I just don't like to be waiting in one place very long. I know that traveling on a ship may seem like you're waiting in one place, but you're still moving and going some place. That makes it much better.   Going on the shakedown cruise. God, I hate shakedowns. All the stress tests and the change in gravity really wear you out. I'm not looking forward to this, but it has to happen. Otherwise, we would have serious issues later.   Finally, the colony ships appear to be ready. Maybe now we can get going to our destination. I would welcome some pirates so we can get a release from the boredom of waiting. Our flotilla comprises two colony ships, two freighters, two corvettes, and our light battlecruiser. Now we just have to go through all the pomp and circumstance and last checks before we head out to Ganymede.   Time to set out. This trip will take us a little while since we have to travel close to the sun before we can get there. We have to do a drive by and deliver some supplies to the Orinna Station out by the sun as we pass.   Apparently, the docking clamp for Orinna Station is a little messed up, so we have to get some techs out there to fix it. Don't feel great about this after having to do an accelerated g to outrun a potential threat. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for them out there. Being inside Mercury's orbit is kind of scary and not the place for things to go wrong. Truthfully, not that I think about it, space is not the place for bad things to happen.   Apparently, all that was wrong was a simple lubricant issue. Someone on the maintenance crew didn't lubricate the locking clamp correctly. Luckily, Trey knows what he's doing and fixed it easily.   Solar flares are not a good thing, let me tell you. Suddenly getting an alarm and having to get to safety as quick as possible isn't great for the nerves, but that's what you have to deal with when you're in space. Wait a minute... Did Trey get back in before it hit? Crap, the lights just went out. Did we just lose power?   Stuck in the dark with only your phone flashing for guidance. The phone's rebooting, which means the solar flare must have hit like an EMP and knocked everything out. I wonder how long it will take for them to get the power back. Many people are unconscious around me, but they seem okay. The flare must have knocked them out. Why am I missing ninety seconds?   Where's damage control located again? I need to help with something. It's taking way too long for everything to come back up. I'm glad I'm not on the bridge right now. Who knows what ship-wide systems are down? I wouldn't want to be the one to tell the captain we're broken.   I wonder about the state of the other ships in our convoy. Hopefully they aren't as bad off as much as we are right now. Luckily, we have people who can get us back on our feet as soon as possible.