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The Universe of "The Fall of Man"

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grktzttzztt ... Hello .... is this thing on .... kssh .... ah, there we are... This uh... this is a radio broadcast from planet Avalon B35, in orbit of Proxima Centauri, located in the Alpha Centauri stellar cluster. We are humans, grandchildren of the once great empire of man; a people that had once garnered hopes of conquering the cosmos. Now we are nothing short of wastrels forced to scrounge for the basic necessities of life.   Our civilization is a shell of its former glory our cities have been reduced to rubble and our people to ash.... ... grktzttzztt ... kssh ... bang ... FUCK ... why isn't this stupid thing working.... ... this is pointless .... it was Sarah's halfwitted idea to send a radio broadcast into space .... and now she's dead ... and of course, the responsibility had to fall to me ... and ... and...   Ok, ok slow down... calm... deep breaths... basics start at the basics...   You'll probably have some questions and I guess I'll do my best to provide some answers. I'll start at the beginning, it was the year 2433 and humans had finally developed a means to defeat time. We called it the immuno-singularity or the point at which one's body is able to survive for an infinite amount of time without incurring the effects of aging. Our scientists, not wanting to waste the technology started preserving the scientific elite, testing for the highest levels of intelligence. The initial goal was to create a powerful race of geniuses that would shape our future; however, as with most technology it was eventually misused.   After nearly two centuries had passed without news of the tech or the group in charge of the project the corporate elite became nervous. They, of course, wanted the technology for themselves so they too could become immortal. In the ensuing century, the corporate elite would band together spending trillions of dollars in search of the forgotten experiment. This became known as the great hunt and what they found would shock the world. Eventually, after over one hundred and fifty years of searching, they finally found it ... or rather they found … something. One faithful day a dumbfounded astronaut reported having seen a civilization living on the dark side of the moon. While dismissed as a hallucination by the international space committee the corpos were not convinced.   Wanting for an end to their search they launched an unmanned mission to the dark side of the moon and sure as shit, there were habitat domes ... thousands of them. Although they were human in nature the creatures living there bore little resemblance to modern man. They spoke in an astral tongue and referred to themselves as Voidborn or Gods Chosen. They were beautiful, elegant, and genetically superior to man in every way; sadly all good things must come to an end and the corpos wanted their DNA. The corpo robots initially tried to capture the Voidborn and when that didn’t work they massacred them forcing most to flee leaving their home behind.   As a species, we always knew that our sins would catch up to us but we never could have fathomed the extremity of the repercussions. Funnily enough, as it turns out harming Gods Chosen did not have the best effect on our relationship with the Gods. Now, at this point in history, many believed that the Gods were dead or fake but as it turns out neither was true. Slaying the Voidborn triggered an ancient power in this universe that was beyond our comprehension. An ancient psionic power was awakened and “magic” was brought back to our world.   After the Great Awakening where many gained psionic powers earth was shrouded in darkness as a punishment for our crimes. This would become known as the age of Eternal Darkness and is the period from which I great you listener. In the age of Eternal Darkness, few could survive on earth leading many to flee. I was one of the “lucky” few who was able to escape. A few months ago our ship landed on Avalon a promised paradise; an escape from the hardships of Earth — bullshit. Nothing can live on this godforsaken rock. The Blood Knights sacrifice us, the Dithan’s enslave us, and the Reavers … oh god … the Reavers … they eat us...   This is a call for help is anyone out there... any... .... please... help us..... grktzttzztt .... .... ...

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