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The Unity Galaxy

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The galaxy where everything and everyone is together. There are 12 planets and one major moon, all orbiting a large star/ the sun. 8 of the planets are habitable, the one major moon is habitable, but the rest of the planets are not. Planet #12, the farthest from the sun, is actually mostly an asteroid belt, made up of 9 major rocks and lots of space pebbles, orbiting at the same time.   This galaxy has magic, although only one planet is fully magical, with everyone born there possessing magic. There is one planet where using and possessing magic is illegal, and the rest of the planets don't really care if you have magic or not. You can have magic in two ways: either you are born with it or you learn it. Those who learn magic have to work harder at it, but it is much more versatile and can be used to do many things. Those born with magic have to practice less, but usually only have a few things they can do, like control fire or control metal. If someone born with magic has two or more areas of expertise, then they are usually a bit feared and very powerful. There are lots of gods in this galaxy, although there are only two major ones. They mostly live in the Palace Of The Gods on a planet that's hidden from everyone and so, therefore, doesn't really exist in the general layout of the galaxy. There are lots of minor gods, and most don't know about every single one. Each planet has their own gods they know of and worship.   The general layout of this galaxy is small. All the planets have a diameter of 36,000 km or less, and the sun is only 972,000 km in diameter. One planet is sort of like a country instead of an entire world. There is a government planet that controls the entire galaxy or at least tries to.