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The Shadowed Canyons


    The Shadowed Canyons is mostly made up of of the titular immense system of canyons with steep walls cut out of the rocks from the many tributaries of the Sachez River, The Shadowed Canyons. The Canyons start to grow to tall peaks in the East and South as they become part of The Divid Mountains. To the north, the land transitions to hills as it approaches the Capital Shard. The west is made entirely of deserts as it moves into The Inagi Wastes of the Southern Territory   Towards the south of the shard is one of the Low Magic Crystals mines. This was the location in which the crystals were first discovered and are now a major source for the whole country. The town of Spitwater sprung up as a mining town outside of the mine.

Socio-Economics & Politics

  The Shadowed Canyons were once a rather poor area of small towns that dotted the canyons along with roaming tribes of nomadic peoples. Their existence was mostly substance in hunting the buffalo that made up large hurds in the area. Mining was the only real industry in the area. Once Low Magic Crystals were discovered in the south of the shard a rush of miners looking for work flooded the shard.    However, there was a local tribe called the White Orcs, so named for the white ancestral tattoos made on their grey skins, that considered the area sacred. While at first, they allowed people to stay in the area not looking to cause issues, once large mining operations began the tribe raided the mines slaughtering anyone near indiscriminately. Due to the close position of Ravinton the government was able to quickly send a large force that wiped out the tribe to the last member. This became known as the first Massacres of the Mines  Quickly after mining of Low Magic Crystals expanded, towns such as Spitwater seemed to spring up across the shard seemingly overnight. Each of these small towns was governed locally by an elected lawman known as a sheriff. Once the population grew considerably, the towns started to work together to centralize power and become more of a name on the global scale. The lawmen now meet in a council in the largest city and the capital, Ravinton   The Shadowed Canyons were the first along with Bollothglade to succeed from Yorkett and was one of the founding members of The United Shard. As the foremost provider of Low Magic Crystals they did not want Yorkett telling them that they could no longer produce that which had finally brought the desolate land prosperity.
Geopolitical, State

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