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The Exiled Outlaws

Originally founded by Satori Tamashi , Shomei Tamashi , and Brutus, the Exiled Outlaws would become the most notorious roaming gang in all of the lands that make up The United Shard. Eventually they would adopt Mágos and Domhan & Gealach into their gang. Each member has a similar theme in their background. They were removed from what they believe to have been their home, often in incredibly bloody conflicts that left hundreds dead. Upon joining the gang, they would each adopt a name that reflected a role within the group.    The current members are:   Satori Tamashi - "The Soul" Shomei Tamashi - "The Mind" Brutus - "The Body" Mágos - "The Showman" Domhan & Gealach - "The Twins"   What their goals were changed from day to day, but it was all in the name of whatever they deemed outlaw justice. Many times it was stealing from the rich, giving to the poor. But it could have also just been the murder of oppositions, or the entire dismantling of settlements. Often it was just taking down whatever they saw as "the establishment". Presumably as a result of their collective past histories.   On August 8th, 764 for currently unknown reasons, The Exiled Outlaws would go to the Low Magic Crystals mines in The Shadowed Canyons and kill most people within the mines and surrounding areas in an event known as the Third Massacres of the Mines.

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