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Southern Territory


  The Southern Territory is made up of almost entirely uninhabited land. To the north lies the Inagi Wastes a vast desert that leads into Great Hawk and The Shadowed Canyons. In the south is the Suronto Ice Fields , a massive glacier-covered area that eventually covers the southern portion of The Divid Mountains. Only the most extreme lifeforms live within the borders.  

Socio-Economics & Politics

  Previous to The Fracturing of the Shards effectively nobody had claimed this land, as it has very little value and seemed to actively oppose life. Once Low Magic Crystals were found in The Shadowed Canyons people from all over the contentment and even the governments themselves started to fund mining operations across The Divid Mountains to find more. Eventually they were found in the southernmost part of the continent near a remote monk village called Asutoraru, and the value of area was realized.   To setup mass mining operations in mines in the Suronto Ice Fields an outpost called Falgondrai was established at the edges of the desert and the ice fields on a lake that lead to the western coast and eventually fed into the ocean. This for a while was the closest they could effectively settle as the Suronto Ice Fields were so deadly. From there they would send out small operations to go mine. However the monk village of Asutoraru fought every person that step foot near their village to the death. They were successful until the military sent in an overwhelming force that took the lives of all known people living in the village, known as the second Massacres of the Mines , as they would never surrender. Many casualties were also taken by the military, but they believed that having a second source of Low Magic Crystals in the area would make up the difference in the long term.   Eventually with Low Magic Crystals machinery was able to get a railway from Falgondrai to the major train networks in Shadowed Canyons and eventually to the mine itself. Once this came online mass export of Low Magic Crystals was enabled and helped the war efforts immensely. Once Great Hawk joined The United Shard the government then annexed the area as a territory to be controlled by the central government.
Geopolitical, State

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