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Shomei Tamashi

Shomei Tamash along with her brother Satori Tamashi grew up in a monk order in Asutoraru now located within Southern Territory. The settlement was located in arguably the harshest environment in all of Greater Yorkett, being a frozen wasteland with very little other life. Shomei remained very young in her time in the village, never starting her monk training. Though she did have showings of a brilliant mind from a very early age.   When he was still young, the first set of miners began to gather Low Magic Crystals near their settlement. The order of monks was fiercely territorial and ended the lives of each of the early mining expeditions near their village. When larger numbers came they systematically killed each and every intruder. It wasn't until the military sent a force that the members of the monk order all fought to their last breaths. This would eventually be known as the Second Massacres of the Mines. Only the two siblings, Satori and Shomei remained. They were brought out of the area by the military but broke free near The Shadowed Canyons.   There they ran into Brutus who quickly became a father figure to them. Soon they all collectively created The Exiled Outlaws. She adopted the name "The Mind", as she was the brains of the group. The group would rebel against the powers at large and grow in numbers as the years went on. Shomei would use her intellect to create items for the group as needed. She dedicated a lot of her time to studying Low Magic Crystals in an effort to reconcile why her entire village was destroyed for them.   On August 8th, 764 for currently unknown reasons, The Exiled Outlaws would go to the Low Magic Crystals mines in The Shadowed Canyons and kill most people within the mines and surrounding areas in an event known as the Third Massacres of the Mines.

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