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Brutus grew up as a member of the White Orcs tribe. So named for their white ancestral tattoos blazes across their dark grey skin. They lived within The Shadowed Canyons. Their original territories were once vast, but as other groups of people grew, they shrank over time. The tribe considered the Low Magic Crystals mines and the surrounding lands sacred to their society, and when miners first took to the lands originally they gave warnings but stood their ground. Brutus as a younger member of the tribe decided to take matters into his own hands, and went out to the initial prospectors and slaughtered them. Upon return, he was scolded by the leading members of the tribe. They told him that he did not understand the greater conflict that was arising, and brought troubles upon his tribe. As a result, they exiled him from the tribe. He would then roam all over the lands of The United Shard after this incident.    After Brutus was exiled from the tribe, and during his absence, the First Massacres of the Mines would occur. Once large mining operations formally took place, the tribe and their closest allies would systematically slaughter anyone caught in their sacred lands. This occurred until a large military force would come and eradicate the tribe and their allies as a result.   Brutus in his roaming would eventually come upon Satori Tamashi and Shomei Tamashi. They had recently escaped the military as children while being transported after the events of the second Massacres of the Mines. Given their shared past, Brutus would become fond of the children, take them under his wing, and become a father-like figure in their lives. Soon they all collectively created The Exiled Outlaws. He adopted the name "The body", as he was the muscle of the group. The group would rebel against the powers at large and grow in numbers as the years went on.   On August 8th, 764 for currently unknown reasons, The Exiled Outlaws would go to the Low Magic Crystals mines in The Shadowed Canyons and kill most people within the mines and surrounding areas in an event known as the Third Massacres of the Mines.

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