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Geography Bollothglade is the smallest of the shards that make up The United Shard by land area. It sits on a wide stretch of land on the Gulf of Azolla. The Sachez River bisects the shard in half and is a major resource for the whole United Shard. To the south is Lake Vottham which feeds the river, and is itself fed from a large portion of The United Shard. To the North is the Red Delta which ultimately feeds into the Gulf of Azolla  The vast majority of Bollothglade is comprised of swampland, called the Bollothglade Swamps. East of the Sachez River the populous calls the East Glades and the opposite are called the West Glades. The majority of people live right at the beginning of the Red Delta, and vast swathes of land remain untraversed. This means a lot of the flora and fauna remain unknown, though it believed many powerful entities lurk in its marshes. 

Socio-Economics & Politics

  While the smallest shard, Bollothglade is the most populous. It lies on the mouth of a massive trade route through The United Shard in the Sachez River as it lands in the deep water ports of the Gulf of Azolla. As such even in early ages it became the largest population center west of the The Divid Mountains. Almost that entire large population is centered in the city of Rougeford  This large population has afforded them the most power of the country. They facilitate most of the trade between the shards that make up The United Shard, to Yorkett and even The Outside Powers. So goods of all kinds go through their ports. With them has come the major areas for the military, scholars, warriors, churches, and artists amongst many others. With the advent of Low Magic Crystals the population continued to grow as Bollothglade became the center for experimentation and research of the crystals and issued in a new age of industrialization, the likes of which the world has not experienced before. People have come looking for opportunities that the crystals have now allowed.   Since the shard is centered almost entirely around Rougeford the leaders of the shard are the mayors of the towns that make it up and form a council, with the mayor of Rougeford being effectively the only one who matters.   Bollothglade was amongst the first along with The Shadowed Canyons to succeed from Yorkett and forming The United Shard. They felt as though they had the power and means to earn their freedom from Yorkett and to continue with their wishes to use Low Magic Crystals.
Geopolitical, State

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