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  Aprimilla occupies a long stretch of land between the Gulf of Azolla and The Divid Mountains. It is the most tropical of all of the Shards and is known for its natural beauty. It has gorgeous beaches once you get pretty far north that transition into lunch tropical jungles that make up the Aprimilla Expanse that reach all the way to the mountains.  

Socio-Economics & Politics

  Aprimilla is made up of many incredibly diverse small druid tribes that inhabit the land. Before The Fracturing of the Shards they had very little to do with each other and lived their own separate lives. However, once the onset of civil war had started they each sent tribesmen to the largest tribe in Emberrun to council and decide their path in this war. Ultimately it was decided due to their location and pressures from both sides they were going to have to join The United Shard reluctantly. Not every tribe agreed and some vowed to fight to keep their land free from the larger government. After sending representatives to Rochbalt to come to terms with joining they came up with a resolution. The United Shard would leave all tribes that signed the agreement alone and not move through lands not listed in the agreement. In exchange, The United Shard was allowed to set up a rain network lining near The Divid Mountains so that they could move troops to defend the natural passageways that lead to Yorkett. They would also be allowed to construct ports at the mouth of the rivers leading from Emberrun for protection. However, any tribes that did not formally sign this agreement and opposed the war efforts would be dealt with as The United Shard chose. The agreement was ratified and Aprimilla became the last of the shards to join The United Shard.   After the agreement was signed, tribesmen now understand they have to stand together for their greater goods and continue to send representatives that make a large council regularly in Emberrun. However, they do all still live separately as they did. The United Shard has continued to honor every part of the agreement and has not set foot outside of the agreed-upon locations. However, the tribes that fought against the agreement and tried to stop the war efforts were put down, in often very bloody and violent battles.
Geopolitical, State

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