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What I had originally, and mistakenly, thought was the sole location of the CRWN Foundation. This is one of currently two known sites that operated for around thirty years post-calamity. There might be more sites, Althasi remains largely unexplored. This particular site is smaller than Site-A and functions more like a surveillance hub of sorts.   Calliope and the Exarch are currently here, repurposing the foyer as a little base camp. Calliope has integrated a part of herself to the site’s system, allowing her full control to functional portions of it.   In the early years before I discovered it myself, Site-B served as Lilith’s base of operations. I suspect that pull I felt that compelled me to cross the ocean to the city Site-B is hidden within was her doing. Although, whether it was to lure me, or to lure a recently-freed Israfil, remains a mystery.

Purpose / Function

Monitor Althasi, both in thing such as weather patterns and other natural happenings— as well as visually. Additionally has access to security cameras and controls of other sites (although access to this room is obstructed possibly destroyed in some manner). Several connections severed or connected but missing feed/readings.


Two known entries— The first via a blast door, some decontamination chambers into what appears to be a normal looking fallout shelter— then down a discretely hidden elevator and then long tunnel to the actual facility after passing a checkpoint.   The second entry would be through a large cargo bay hidden within a ship/scrapyard.

Hazards & Traps

Since majority of the structure is in ruins, some of it even being exposed to the surface— many hazards exist from flooded rooms with downed power lines, or rubble with dubious stability.


Majority of the facility is underground, walls at LEAST 3-4ft thick.   Originally had guards posted at checkpoints, but they of course they have long since died or fled.   Evidently Site-B has means of projecting an EMP, both directed or centered on the site itself as an alternative to self-destruction.
Approx. 1748
Founding Date
1718 at the earliest
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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