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People of The People

The People are a general mix of people, though the majority are of a lighter colored skin. Some cities have a greater mix of colors, others are a greater amount of one than the other. No one cares about ethnicity or race in The Union, as long as they are one of The People. No one who is a member of The People cares about where their ancestors came from, or even who their parents were. This is part of The Council's brainwashing, trying to prevent people from caring about the distant past, and making them think only of the here and now. If people were to know of the past, where in the world they came from, what great people were their ancestors, and who the great people of history outside The Union were, they would soon realize how horrible the life they were forced to lead was.   Because of this, The Risen have attempted to gather information to share with each other and with The People (when they can), and more than once have tried to send out programs that would infect a city's network and display true accounts of great events in the histories of the many different cultures of the world outside The Union on every screen in the city for a few minutes. Only once were they successful, but it did not take The Council long to shut it down. The Risen hope to continue to use these ideas taken from history to wake even a few people up to the truth of the world around them, for those who are able to take pride in the people they are descended from will doubtless strive to be free from the despotic rule of The Council. At least, that is what The Risen hope.

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