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The Union of Norther Faeas

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The world of Gaia has been home to the races for as long as any can remember, and with it come the blessings of Magic, the Divine, and Psionics, but those without those gifts make do with their own ingenuity and scientific advances.   It is the 19th century and the civil races have grouped together in powerful nations, though in the west a city was founded as the capital of the Union of Northern Faeas, the most powerful of each subsect of technology are said to thrive in this city, and through their rivalries they have progressed their respective arts far ahead of much of the rest of the world.   All is not peaceful in this seemingly perfect city of development, as with any large community, a criminal underground has risen in power and controls much of the city's inner workings, The mafia controls each group and maintains the precarious balance between the rivaling factions.  

The Arcane Circle

The arcane quarter is controlled by a gang known only as the Arcane Circle, said to have control over the various texts and materials required for all arcane study within the city, no experiments happen within the arcane quarter without their knowledge, they hate the Divine, their gods always demanding they not destroy the weave and limiting their research.  

The Divine Orthos

The divine quarter is spear-headed by the believers of the God-Claw, worship of the five original deities of the world. While they count 90% of the city as their followers, only roughly 10% of the populace are devout enough to be a part of the Orthos.  

The Psionic Collective

The Psionic quarter is controlled by a shadow council known only as the Collective, many have heard tell of them but few have ever met or know who they are. The quarter is one of the most extravagant, as the buildings have become overgrown and built out of Psi-crystals, very little crime happens within the psionic quarter without someone knowing about it as many will say the buildings are always watching, and if anyone knows something in the psionic quarter, everyone knows.  

The Scientific Order

The scientific quarter is ran by the Order, the leaders of technological advances in their field, and those who are capable of fielding the largest constructs and weapons. While it is the most technologically advanced portion of the city, it is also the most riddled with petty crime. Robbery, theft, and muggings are common place in the slums of the scientific quarter, but heading to such a place without a gun to defend yourself is like asking to be shot in the first place.

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