Vila - Slavic Fairies

Vila are the fairies or Fey of Slavic legend, and according to southern Slaves they are portrayed as beautiful women with long blonde hair. There are three kinds, those that live on land & in forests, water nymphs, and cloud or air nymphs.¬†They appear as swans, falcons, horses, or wolves; cloud nymphs appear as a whirlwind. At night, they roam the clouds emitting a terrible noise of pipes and drums. Anyone who calls them becomes stiff and moves only with difficulty. He is stricken by disease and dies within a year or two. Also, they like to ride horses & stags, go hunting, and dance a type of circle dance, seek the love of strong men, steal children and replace them with changelings, and have a fondness for fighting. They are rumoured to have supernatural powers, and the ability to heal, as well as confuse men by shooting them with special arrows. Vila also build their castles on the edge of clouds, and in some regions are rumoured to be the souls of deceased girls who, if they get a young man, they will kill him by getting him to do a deadly circle dance.   They are classed as being quite friendly to people, though should not be insulted, have their dances interrupted, or have their orders messed with or disregarded. Doing so causes them to seek revenge. In one northern Slavic tribe (the Czech) they are seen as maleficent instead and best avoided. These have beautiful voices and will use them to lure men to their doom.


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