Troglodyte Caves, Frankia

The Troglodyte Caves are in a valley in the Loire Valley. They are between the rivers of Loire and Thouet, and the region Saumur, part of the Massif Central. The caves seem to have been in use for habitation since the fourth century BC. Local legends tell of the name coming from the cave dwelling Troglodytes that used to inhabit these caves, and the surrounding mountains. Many of the human & humanoid inhabitants now use these caves, especially for wine storage, though a few disappear every year when in the caves never to be seen again. The locals are always conscious to be careful of any strong foul smells in the cave, and not just how it would affect the wine. Each time someone disappears an overpowering smell of faeces, blood and rotting meat is left behind.   Other regions nearby are Doué-la-Fontaine and 34 miles away are La Fosse-de-Tigne. Also in the Dordogne region, further south, La Madeleine is another, with the caves being used by humans for up to 20,000 years.


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