Treaties on the Seelie & Unseelie Courts

This ancient preserved book is wrote in Sylvan, and has information concerning the Seelie & Unseelie Courts, and creatures of the Fey. It contains a number of drawings, pictures, and spells to summon Fey creatures from the Courts. The spells seem to appear randomly in it, and regularly changes according to what the season is, making the spells appear random to an average reader. The Seelie Court spells seem to appear more in late Spring to early Autumn, and Unseelie Court spells from late Autumn to early Spring. Sometimes, the spells appear outside this time looking to confuse and disrupt the use of the book deliberately, especially outsiders to the Fey.


The summoning & control of Fey creatures.

Document Structure


Some grimoires mentions spells from the book.

Publication Status

Only one has ever been created, and thought lost for centuries.

Historical Details


The book was originally created by the Back Fairy Queen of the Unseelie Court to allow her creatures to be summoned. Also, to annoy the Seelie Court by gaining access to the creatures there.


The book has appeared in different locations throughout regions with different Fey creatures. Each time it has stayed long enough to have creatures summoned, or a spell copied to attract the Councils attentions. It is disruptive as the Fey do not like being disturbed or dominated by any creature let alone non-Fey. Most societies that know of it try to ban it & destroy it, but it vanishes and reappears somewhere else in the world after a time.


The Seelie Council will happily track down & kill anyone who uses the book, while the Unseelie Council will happily be used just to try to corrupt the user.
Manual, Magical / Occult
Vellum / Skin


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