The Mistletoes Blood Clot

The Mistletoes Blood Clot is a near mythical substance found hidden away on many worlds of the Material Plane. Tied closely to many shamanistic practises of the highest orders, it is used to perform some of the greatest rites of purity, law, order and healing. Evil creatures and the forces of darkness can stand it.


The Mistletoes Blood Clot is a mythical stone-like substance that was created at the dawn of time when the Material Planes were created. It came into being when the great world tree that held all worlds birthed versions of them in the universe, and with them drew in liquid from the mistletoe that grew on its surface. Found deep within the rocks of the worlds, it solidified and due to tectonic plate movement, some made it to the surface. Larger deposits are found underground still though less & less remain as it is plundered.   Many empires & creatures have sought it out over the aeons due to its ability to repel evil, to heal both organisms & planets, and to talk to the gods themselves. In a few instances, gods that would have been birthed to reign over love, peace, healing, law, and order were sometimes trapped in it allowing for even more powerful seams of it. This is in direct opposition to the amber sarcophagi of other failed gods.   In most cases the creatures of the Underdark and evil empires sought to destroy it, while others mine it be used in certain rituals. In some cases, early religions such as the Celtic Druids and some of the early shamanistic traditions hunt for it to benefit the land and their peoples. This has led in part to the decline of its presence. It has been noted that like the amber sarcophagi can influence its surrounding, the Blood Clots do the same, usually in a positive way. Most of these regions are teaming with life and see little conflict.


Highly significant to many shamanistic groups, especially the Druids, the Blood Clot material has been used for generations when found in secret rituals most notably on the island of Anglesey of the north of Wales. Used in the most powerful of the religious rituals the Druids alone seem to know the sheer power such material can give. Indeed, it can be used in place of most spell components for Druidic magic, and in Clerical spells as well. Sometimes it is used to make religious symbols albeit temporary ones.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
13.8 billion years ago

Cover image: by Teodora Djordjevic


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