The Heart of Blood

The Heart of Blood is a ruby with shards of amber through it and on it. It throbs with an ancient evil, and gets warmer when held for any length of time. Rumours of this object has travelled around the Middle East for millennia now. It seems that the Heart belonged to either Lilith or Lamia before being given to the first true vampire. Said to be the heart of one of these two monsters, anyone who claims it as their own starts to change into a vampire.   The rumours also state that the ruby is the heart of a god of vampires and was responsible for carrying out a grand ploy to condemn one of the two (or even both) to be cursed with undeath & to become a vampire. The amber is meant to belong to the amber sarcophagus that held the god, whose name is all but forgotten. Also, it is part of the rumour that it was originally discovered in a ruined city hidden away in the middle of either the deserts of old Sumerland, or Libya, and only if it returned here, placed on an ancient plinth in an ancient temple, and shattered with a pure silver hammer during high noon will it be destroyed.   Exactly where it is at present is unknown, and many speculate that it is hidden in Europe at present, either somewhere in Eastern Europe, or even archived by the Vatican (mainly to stop the wicked getting access to it). It is known that continual use creates a new vampire eventually after seven days, with the victim turning at 3 am in the morning.   As a side note, the same rumours also state that if placed on the same plinth, and a sufficiently suitable sacrifice is made over it at 3 am at night time, it will suck up all the blood on & around it (in a 10 foot pool) and immediately resurrect the god to it's full status.


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