The Grand Shadow Grimoire

The Grand Shadow Grimoire is a notorious book of spells and rituals tied to the Demiplane of Shadow. Rarely found on the Material Plans, and even rarer in the Shadowfell, it gives of a slight shadowy smoke from its black leather bindings & cover. The leather itself is unknown, with it claimed to be made from the skin of thirteen warlocks or an ancient Dark God. The gray-white pages feel frail but tough enough to survive handling, and rumoured to be vellum, again made from the same sources. Strange unknown symbols are carved on the surface and inked in pale silver. Writings on the inside are made with what appears to be soot mixed with blood. The grimoire only responds to the touch of a warlock, and other spellcasters also search for it either to destroy it, or learn it's secrets. Most die and, any spells that the spellcaster knows that's not in the book appears within it in 24 hours (written in the blood & burned remains of them). The energies of it are rumoured to drive animals away, and the person haunted by shadow people.


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