The Golden Sceptre of Pazuzu

The Golden Sceptre of Pazuzu is a mythical item rumoured to be in some hidden treasure cache in the Middle East. It is meant to resemble an early mace that can smite any demon, devil, aberration, or undead with the power of Pazuzu.


Created by the Babylonian Empire, in the 19th Century BC by the founder of the empire, Sumu-abum or Sumu-al-el depending on sources. He was a local chieftain that split from the Amorite Empire that originally controlled what was a village / small town. What many didn't know, was a tomb that lay in the outskirts of it. Ancient & built of sand stone, the markings & wards on the outside had worn away over time. In it lay the skeleton of a powerful Djinn that had prowled the land in eons past.   The wards that had been placed on the outside was to prevent the living from entering, as well as a warning that the Djinn had been cursed by Pazuzu, a powerful god in the region. Whoever had buried the Djinn didn't want the body discovered, and had placed it in a sand stone sarcophagus. Written on the outside of it was a warning to never disturb it as when it was cursed it absorbed a part of Pazuzu in the remains. Ove time the body rotted but the bones remained by the time Sumu-abum took over as chieftain.   When he split from the Amorite Empire, he was experiencing a series of dreams involving the power of a god that could cast asunder any hardened material. Made from polished bone and gold, carved with elaborated and disturbing artwork, it lay buried in the sarcophagus in the marked grave. Only Sumu-abum had the fortitude to enter and kill the spirit that haunted the site, using his bare hands. By doing s, he showed his tenacity, savagery and the rightful hands for to wield the Golden Sceptre. Over time he learned he could shape it by touching and drawing power from Pazuzu himself. The general shape remained though, as Pazuzu would not allow anyone else the pleasure of having a spark of himself damaged or changed.   Over time it was passed to different Babylon rulers until they were subsumed by other empires. It disappeared around the region it was discovered during this time, and rumoured to appear when needed to thwart supernatural foes.


Babylonian in origin, it has close ties to the land it was created in and seems to have an aura that most humans & humanoids of Persian ancestry can 'feel'. It is said to feel like a prickly sensation when close to it. Most who touch it can feel power coming of it.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Legendary, as a unique item.
roughly 2 ft long
Base Price
5000 gbld
Raw materials & Components
Golden of almost purity and Djinn thigh bone.
It appears to slightly warp over the millennia making it hard to work out any tooling.

Cover image: by Colonel 101


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