The Goat of Mendes

This creature is one of the most terrifying fiends ever to exist. Not much is known about it at present, yet it's presence will become known in the future. When it appears it spells terror, death, and corruption in equal measure, with it's pitch black glossy eyes staring in glee at the havoc it causes.   At first the Goat appears as a young goat / kid, with pure white hair, and healthy looking. The only thing that makes it's appearance stand out is it's eyes, as mentioned is pure deep black in colour. Usually it passes through a region causing little if anything significant to happen. When a region it appears in feels ripe for it's brand of degeneracy, it will appear, either awakening people from their homes, or in isolated places. At this point in time it will usually be standing on only it's hind legs & walking as if it is bipedal. No noises are made & sometimes stands stalk still¬† yet if spoken too it will reply asking what riches the person wants. If the person does reply with an answer the Goat will offer them a deal but at the price of their soul. If this is done during the Witching Hour, then the person is condemned, they will receive what they asked for (usually after or during a period of time), but their personality changes to become wicked and depraved. They end up lusting after money, preferring sexual encounters of almost all kinds, carry out demon worship in it's name, sacrifices, and the Goat will try to tempt them into murder, and even further acts of degeneracy.   The Goat of Mendes can be summoned in his true form, a creature similar to a Satyr, but repugnant in form with full horns adorned with priceless jewellery, overly large & noticeable genitalia, and both elements of a masculine & feminine torso.¬† It's hair is black now, and a pentagram is burned into it's forehead. It's followers revel in murder, orgies, and narcotics all the while praising it, and asking for favours. It sometimes goes by the name Baphomet, but it is unknown whether it is the same Baphomet as found on other known Planes, using the name to get it's own followers, or another creature with the same name.


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