The Eye of the Damned

The Eye of the Damned is a beautifully wrought pearl, with a sapphire set placed running through the centre. It is mounted on a strap of tough leather made of undead elvish skin, and held in the centre portion of it using a silvery filament to hold it in place. It is made in such a way to be worn on the forehead with the strap running round the back of the head. Any creature of between 3' to 8' can use it. It is reported to be lost, though rumours persist it is buried under the Tower of Emon Kanis in Aachen, and the Necrocult has pinpointed it's location. They are looking for it with agents in the city, and looking to attack the city to get at it if need be.    It is rumoured to be in an old dragon's tomb hidden below the tower, but not much else is known. There are also rumours of another somewhere. Exactly where is a complete mystery.


The Eye of the Damned is a completely unique object. Thought of as a pair, as they were originally designed to be worn over the eyes of a user. The one that is rumoured now is meant to site as an item of a dragon's treasure hoard below the Tower of Emon Kanis in Aachen. The story goes is that it was created by Black Elves to help them in containing attacks by hostile undead and fiends. These creatures had been trying for decades to assault the Underdark conclaves of the Black Elves in the mountains in Scandinavia. The Black Elves needed a way to spy on both, so sought out ancient magic of a red dragon to the south. The dragon was long dead, and still had a hoard of treasure sitting there. They took a sapphire and pearl saturated in the dragon's ancient magic, and made a bargain with a fiend to bring them silver that had formed in the Abyss. Taking the skin of a High Elf sorcerer they had tortured to death, they fashioned a head dress, and two silver encrusted pearls shot through with slivers of the sapphire. Casting a spell of making while forming the device they drew in the power of the item, allowing them to penetrate into their enemies camps from a distance when worn.   Unfortunately, the magics used imbued it with enough power to awaken the powers of death, and of the Abyss, meaning that the undead & fiends could peer back. Driven by a desire for the items themselves, the Necrocult & a number of allied fiends decided to steal it for their own use. When they tried the magical nature from the dragon was awoken, teleporting at least the main part of it to the red dragon's lair where it remains to this day. One of the sapphire pearls vanished though. Where to or even how, is unknown. The remaining part lies still under the Tower in Aachen, surrounded by the treasures of the long dead dragon, awaiting to be discovered.


To Black Elves from the north, it is of great significance as they view it as being the inventors of it. They also view it as a major form of protection from the undead & fiends that still hunger for their destruction.   For the undead & fiends, they have long memories, and do not want mortals to have such an item. To them it is an item that imbalances any war between themselves and the mortal realms.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
150,000 BC
Legendary. Only one is rumoured to be in Aachen. Another is rumoured to exist but not known where.
2 lb
Base Price

Cover image: by Alexandra Malygina


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