The Eternals

Legends abound in many parts of the world of humans who are eternal and never die. They exist & born throughout all time, and are never aging. Stories go that every injury is healed, unless to the neck & head, and only by decapitation do they truly pass on. Exactly where or when one will be born is unknown, and in some stories they are referred to a changelings, and others as demigods, and yet more as being cursed with immortality. What legends exist hint that it is for them only to see the dimming of the sun for it's last time, also that the only way to avoid it is the killing of all the others bar one. This eternal messiah as they are referred to, has killed and sucked out the lifeforce of all other eternals. The legends also states that each one is deeply tied to nature and that they not just have additional lifeforce themselves, but the ability to sense it, and feed of each others.   Obviously no-one can verify this legend, with a few claiming to be an eternal themselves while a few claim to have witnessed the interactions of these people. This may be true though doubt always wins out. This is especially true when it comes to many religious figures who point out that such beings could not exist outside specific criteria, such as becoming a Buddha, or that in Christianity that all sentient life is destined to die & be judged then for eternal life, or eternal damnation.


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