The Elements of Nature

The Elements of Nature is a spellbook created by Dwarves, and wrote in Dwarvish. It contains a number of treaties and entries about the nature of the four elements, and how to summon & deal with different elementals. It disappeared a number of centuries ago, and no-one has seen it in this time. A few of the spells & treaties it contains have already been copied down before this and still does the rounds, especially amongst spellcasters. The idea was to have a book that would allow the Dwarves to deal with, and summon the elementals to help with seeking ores & gems, as well as for building, protection, and binding into weapons & armour.


The control, summoning, and use of Elementals.

Historical Details


Created by the Dwarves of Svartalfheim centuries ago. They are constantly looking for it.


It is a treasure to the Sartalfheim Dwarves.
Manual, Magical / Occult
Vellum / Skin


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