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The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is a secret organisation made up of lycanthropes & shapeshifters, though most are the former.


A Loup Garou of venerable age sits at the top of the Blood Moon. As to who or what this is, many nations authorities have tried to seek them out and kill them.   Below this being lies a council of 3 Loup Garous, 6 Werewolves and 2 Wereravens. The Loup Garous act as the main council body with the Werewolves acting as general dogsbodies, and the Wereravens act as lorekeepers, librarians of sorts and messengers. Below them the general followers of the organisation are made up of Werewolves (the most numerous) who carry out the tasks assigned to them. Loup Garous act as leaders & enforcers where they are needed. Wereravens, even at this level, act as lorekeepers & messengers. Shifters are at the bottom rung acting as eyes & ears for the group.


The Blood Moon has been in existence for countless generations protecting lycanthropes of all kinds in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Primarily formed to advance those born as or infected by lycanthropes, they look to provide safe haven, aid, and a means to escape the world at large. Despite being mainly werewolf stock, they view any with the curse of lycanthropy as brothers & sisters, actively defending them where possible. As for shifters, they are viewed with sympathetic eyes as they had no say in being descendants of the affliction.   They do partake in regular hunts to satisfy their bloodlust where & when they can. This they believe keeps them from drawing to much attention at other times, and usually carried out in regions far from larger settlements. Many generally will withdraw from larger society and only meet up on certain dates to live out the life of a savage monster.   They keep safe houses and escape routes in most settlements, and the latter also exists in rural areas to allow safe passage. Most of the safe houses are treated almost like a chapter house in other secret societies. Most will have a specific key word, symbol or equivalent, and usually requires a nod from a current member to use.

Public Agenda

The Blood Moon look to influence the opinions of others about shifters & lycanthropes and avoid any bad blood between them and locals. Also, they try to make sure that their members are free to hunt & kill anything that is not sentient as well as helping the afflicted to come to terms with it. They try to foster good relations between the different strains of lycanthropy.


The Blood Moon have a sizeable amount of safe havens spread throughout many European, Middle Eastern and North African countries and only known to members, and possible recruits. They have a small amount of cash in each house if any member needs it. Also, many have aid in the form of forgery experts & contacts in the local authorities. Many have regular hunting grounds that are usually cleared of any sentient life.


Centuries ago, on a night of a blood moon, a group of lycanthropes hunted a tribe consisting of men, women and children. Waking up after the bloodbath that occurred the night before, the group of werewolves realised what they had done and decided they couldn't let this happen again if they could. They realised that others like them could easily carry out the same atrocities in the future. Recognizing that there was the risk they themselves could be blamed for such things in the future and hunted to be killed.   The Blood Moon was born and drew up the idea of setting up safe havens and selective hunting grounds, negating retribution that may come. They knew that for many of their kind could be evil in nature, but nature is more powerful. Given their nature they set up these relatively quickly attracting others that felt the same. Expanding, they would set up networks in many countries and advising other lycanthrope types in ways to protect themselves in groups. At the same time, they organised a set of basic rules. The first was to set up havens they could hunt in without attracting attention. The second was to keep an eye on any other similar organization and make sure that no group steps on the toes of any other.    Each group within the Blood Moon eventually learned to monitor all lycanthropes within their respective regions. They are not above killing others and non-lycanthropes if it protects their members. They will cover up any crime that their members are involved with and happily blame rogue lycanthropes they encounter. In many cases they will happily employ & use criminal organizations as a well as doing work for them. Thieves Guilds, assassin groups, cults such as the Necrocult & especially the Children of the Nazarene are regular employers of them.

At the full moon we will feast

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