The Bagman

This myth has spread around European hearths, inns and taverns for some time now. The story of the Bagman is told to gleefully terrify young children into being good, and for adults to be careful when using magical items.   The story of this being starts with an adventurer trying to escape doom by hiding in a Bag of Holding. He abandoned his party to their demise, and when he tried to leave, he found that he appeared in another dimension. Upon re-entering the bag and then leaving again, he ends up somewhere different each time. Over and over this happened, and all that exists of him now is a near skeletal human like creature with long dark matted hair, and pale blue glowing eyes. Every time he appears it is from a different Bag of Holding, and being unable to return home he is quite mad. Every appearance someone disappears and a random trinket of some type is left behind. Rumour has it that if someone speaks too loudly over a Bag of Holding, or whispers "follow my voice" three times into a Bag of Holding the Bagman will come and drag that person into an alternate dimension never to be seen again.


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