The Catacombs of the Dead Spirit

According to many scholars & occultists, somewhere in the Middle East is a catacomb holding many treasures. It has been given the name of The Catacombs of the Dead Spirit in Germanic, and roughly translated from both the Semitic and Persian languages. The exact location is not known, with two regions constantly named. Both are desert regions, the first being in the old Persian regions west of Babylon, and the second being west of the Egyptian Valley of the Kings. A number of rumours state that this is where both the Sumerian Priesthood, and Egyptian Priesthood, went to train in the basics of magic. It further elaborates in methods of building construction, healing, reading & writing, astronomy & astrology, mathematics, and divinity. Sometimes other specialists and high ranking individuals would attend to learn secrets to back up the priesthood.   It seems that in the merchant guilds, schools, and high ranking courts of the Middle East, there is constant stories involving the Catacombs. Stories regularly involve a friend of a friend disappearing in or around the region, that someone knows where it is, or that someone has been there & learned the secrets hidden away in there. Other parties claim that the place is haunted by the incorporeal spirits of the dead, the Jinn or a mix of both. Many also claim hat there is rooms filled with ancient treasure buried in them since before the birth of man, and are guarded by all manner of powerful creatures & traps. Unfortunately none of these has truly been corroborated. These stories have all spread to Europe & Asia with the Silk Road, and at least in part have been exaggerated to some extent.   The Catacombs of the Dead Spirit was meant to have existed just of the edge of a major well travelled trade route, with a small settlement between them. The settlement was an oasis 1.5 miles from the road, and the Catacombs 1.5 miles beyond in amongst a set of foothills. Carved out of sandstone, the front has pillars and two tall entrances into a large chamber. In the chamber, the walls on the left & right are carved with creatures, part man and part animal, with the four legs made up of spaces where a guard could stand. At the back, a large set of sandstone doors are set leading into a 10 foot tall tunnel with six smaller chambers set in to the walls either side (three on one side, and three on the other. These were meant to be used for administration purposes, sorting out visitors, possible candidates, and other dignitaries. The tunnel is rumoured to be a mile lone gently sloping down to a further chamber. Here similar carvings of creatures are high on the ceiling and many passages lead off deeper into the complex. Many appear to have hideous faces painted around them with the passage entrances forming the mouths of the paintings. Steps appear just beyond the entrances leading deeper down into the Catacombs.   Nobody can really tell what is beyond, except there is a maze of tunnels & rooms deeper still. No map seems to exist, and what stories are attached to this part, tell that it is impossible to truly map out the whole lower complex, and that it changes repeatedly. Either that or the explorers who have ventured down have never returned to or spoke what is down there.


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