Rakshasa & Raksasa - Indian Demons / Goblins

Rakshasa (male) and Raksasa (female)are humanoid tiger-like demons or goblins from the Far East. They are predominately found in India, and originate there. Shaper changers and experts at misdirection, they look to build up wealth & power corrupting those around them. Quite a few can at some stage be found in cemeteries. They are shapechangers regularly turning into animals or monsters, and the Raksasa can turn into beautiful women. They are most active during the night, especially during the time of the new moon, and sunlight is meant to banish them, though nobody sane would want to encounter one to find out. They despise sacrifices & prayers, especially ones made by mortal creatures.   Their king is exceptionally powerful boasting ten heads, and is called Ravana. A well-known Raksasa is Putana, who offered the infant Krishna her poisoned breast to kill him, and he proceeded to suck her dry killing her. Not all are evil, and a few act as yakshas / yaksas, basically nature spirits., while others are similar to Asuras (the opponents of the gods). Their name means spirits who haunt cemeteries, eating the flesh of men, and sucking out the milk of cows leaving them dry as if by magic.


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